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Humpback Whale Math
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Solve these problems:

1) Humpback whale swim about 5 miles per hour when migrating. How many miles can they travel in one day?

2) If a humpback whale is migrating 3,600 miles from Alaska to Hawaii and travels about 5 miles per hour, how many days will it take to reach Hawaii?

3) A humpback whale calf is about 2 tons (4,000 pounds) when it is born. If it gains 50 pounds a day, how much will it weigh after thirty days?

4) A humpback whale calf is about 12 feet long at birth. If it doubles its length in the first year, how long will it be?

5) If the average student in your class is 4 feet tall, how many students would it take to equal the length of a 44 foot humpback whale?

6) A humpback whale may weigh 80,000 pounds when it arrives in Hawaii after feeding season. If that whale loses 25% of its weight during the breeding and calving season, how much will it weigh?

7) If a humpback whale calf drinks 120 gallons of milk in a day, how many gallons will it drink in a month (30 days)?

8) If a humpback whale migrates 8,000 miles per year and lives to age 50, how many miles will it migrate in its lifetime?

9) If the average student in your class weighs 50 pounds, how many students would it take to equal the weight of an 80,000 pound humpback whale?


(1) 120 miles. (2) 30 days. (3) 5,500 pounds. (4) 24 feet. (5) 11. (6) 60,000 pounds. (7) 3,600 gallons. (8) 400,000 miles. (9) 1,600 students.

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